How To Change Virtual Location on IPhone Using 3utools

3utools lets you access to customize your device with many feature, one of the best features in 3utools VirtualLocation which enables you to change your iPhone or Android device location in just a quick steps without been going too far.

By using 3utools virtual location, you’re granting your device permission to change your previous location to your desire and makes it looks like the real one however it won’t be permanently forever on the device, because immediately your device restarts the location will be back to default until you change it again to your desire.

So without much waste of time, I’m on my way going to show you how to change your android or iPhone location by using 3utools. Please make sure before you can change your device location, you must have your Laptop and mobile phone cable ready to get started or else nothing works out without any of this mentioned just now. Once you have what I mention, it’s time to get started to work and proceed.

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Android And IPhone Location Changing Requirements 

  1. Laptop Or Computer 
  2. Android Or IPhone Cable
  3. Internet Connection 

You have to prepared these three things mentioned above to get started or else nothing can works out from it. Once you have these ready kindly continue to follow the next steps below. 

How To Change My Android Or IPhone Location With 3utools.

Download and install latest 3utools on your computer or laptop and then kindly launched the app immediately after installed.

Insert your iPhone or Android cable to your PC and launched the 3utools, kindly go to Toolbox/Virtual Location.

When you get there, you will need to type the latitude and longitude to get a location or best way, kindly type the location on map above if it’s hard to find.

Make sure your device screen is on,  now Click on modify location after all set. You will see wether is successful after clicking the modify location in few minutes.
Once it’s successful, that’s show everything has been set. Kindly turn in your device location and try it out. And if you want to restore your location back to default,  there’s an option like Retore true location there to do that or kindly restart you device.


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