How To Activate New MTN NightLife Data Plan Subscription

MTN's nightly plans are basically great, and it's a great way to go when you're downloading heavy files at night or at midnight. The MTN Night package is available in three pricing plans: N25, N50, and N100 which offer actual 250MB and 500MB, and the MTN Night plan package gives you  up to 2GB of data all day. What makes a night plan suitable is its speed.

Let’s begin. The MTN Night Plan package is only available to MTN Pulse users. This means  you must dial *406# on your phone and upgrade to MTN Pulse to get the full package of this plan. . You can start subscribing to the package for free. However, you will only be charged N100 if you have already upgraded to the plan  within 30 days.

How to Activate and Subscribe to Mtn Night Data Plan 

To activate the new MTN Pulse Nightlife package, you must activate the plan on MTN Pulse. So, if you are not already an MTN Pulse user, you can call *406# and follow the prompts to upgrade. To sign up for the  MTN 500MB nightly plan, send NT2 to 131 to receive 500MB. 


To sign up for a 250MB MTN night plan, send NT1 to 131 to receive 250MB. memo. Your phone must have an N50 or higher. memo. 

  1. You can also use the above USSD code to choose your preferred night view package from MTN. 
  2. To sign up, dial *406# from your mobile phone and answer 3 to select your  MTN nightlife plan. Then answer 1 to choose 25 Naira for the 250 MB plan. 
  3. Now go ahead and select 1 to confirm your purchase of the MTN Nightlife data package. 
  4. You will now receive a message stating that your nightly plan subscription was successful. This data is valid for 7 hours from 23:00 to 06:00. 
  5. When the time expires, unused data is returned. 
  6. It's not like an update. The maximum amount of data for the night plan  is 2 GB.


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