iPhone 14 Pro Models Always On Display Leaked With Unexpected Features

Rumors everywhere has be suggested that upcoming iPhone 14 pro and 14 ProMax will be coming with always on features mode which allows phone to display notifications, battery, status clock and more on the screen. The Always on feature mode on the iPhone 14 pro model will allow users to get notifications easier without the need to unlock the phone.

However it consumes lot of battery but it really make the features so nice. The iPhone 14 pro models with a rate if 1Hz which is a minimum of 120Hz, this features also helps to preserves device battery life while using the Always on features.

An iOS developer has spotted that the new Always in features will be in iOS 16 that apple has announce earlier this year and the previews seems to looks like Xcode beta 4. The developer also says there should be a swift UI preview which allows developer to interacts with their app in real time appears to have leaked examples of always on features.


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